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Prize winning at Clifton Arts Club Open!

Soap with selectors
My winning piece ‘Soap’ with the selectors

I’ve had an eventful week with the Clifton Arts Club. It was curious to be a bystander at the selection panel, and as a handler presenting each piece would try to predict how each would fare before the Academicians.  With so many submissions it was an exhausting day for all concerned!  Fortunately I managed to be out of earshot when most of my own pieces were being examined, but it was quite nerve-racking nonetheless, especially when I saw ‘Soap’ in the “Prize Pen”.

Award winning works! :)
To the left of Ian Prices work


It was nice to see @IanPriceArt win the main event. We met last year at the Discerning Eye when both of us were delighted to have sold a work each at the preview. We subsequently discovered we were both living around Bristol, and had friends in common too – a small world indeed.


Vaults_2015-07-10 14.46.10
Behind the exhibition the vaults go back into the distance.



The hanging was a mix of technical challenges, which I’m familiar with, but I was paired with the practical and amiable ex-lighthouse keeper #BarryHawkins (lighthouseart.co.uk) who does beautiful little oils, so the time passed quickly. Spent a fair bit of time gazing into the stunning surroundings.


Vaults_2015-07-10 16.25.07
The old vault doors






There was a great buzz at the Private View, and I was so grateful for the kind comments from members and supportive friends.  Fortunately I was only obliged to succumb to the spotlight briefly; as a species, painters prefer to be the observer, not the observed..

My work is on display until 25th July 2015 at Clifton Arts Club 107th Open, Colston Hall Vaults, Bristol. BS1 5AR.