In Search of My Northern Soul ..7

Watercolours. I’ve avoided them since I fell in love with oil painting in my early teens. I didn’t like the planning involved, the lack of plastic physicality. The notion of the ‘insipid watercolour’ an easy and casual insult that inferred bland amateur ability and sensibilities. The territory of the suburban painter.


towards jedburgh from swinnie watercolour copy
Along the Drover Trail, Jedburgh

To master watercolour takes time, good training, and preferably both. I have never managed to invest in either. But it is good to face your demons. So I invested in a very small sennellier watercolour tin; thinking at the very least it would do for colour references when conditions didn’t allow me to complete a full oil sketch.


Surprisingly,  I have pulled out a few nice atmospheric pieces over the last few months. The soft winter light lends itself well to the medium.


northumberland coast watercolour copy
Tide Pool at Cheswick Beach

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