In Search of My Northern Soul 3

below carters
Below Carter Bar
carters barr north
North from Carter Bar

When I embarked on this journey  plein air painting was a starting point for my visual research, and one I felt I knew well.

Even with the freedom to roam, as there is here in Scotland, thanks to the Right of Trespass legislation, some views elude you simply because there isn’t an appropriate perch to rest your pochade on. Ken Bromley (other online art supplies shops are available!) stocks a nice screw mount shoe that fixes to the bottom of the box. Unfortunately I was without a tripod – my old Velbon had lost some crucial pieces, and the twist lock mechanisms on the leg extensions often gave you that sinking feeling.

Data ferreting around the internet I discovered that other plein air painters fortunately have some strong views on tripods. Thomas Jefferson Kitts was the adviser I opted for, and although I couldn’t afford a carbon fibre option,  I did get hold of a Manfrotto 190 – the newer XPROL version. It has been a liberation for my choice of viewpoint; my only problem now is the choice itself (20 paintings so far, and still searching).

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