In Search of My Northern Soul 2

Minimising the impact on the environment is as much part of my practice as it is for me as an individual. I try where possible to avoid the use of petrochemicals and synthetics, and sourcing organic /mineral-based materials locally.

2015-10-14 09.32.48
Homegrown in the Borders

When I found myself in need of the soft flow of natural carbon on cotton, and discovered I had only compressed charcoal in my armoury, I decided to make my own. It made sense to me to establish a more material connection with the landscape around me!

After cutting some branches from a willow in the garden of the house where I am staying, I bound them with wire and put the bundles in a tin, bound that with wire, punctured a hole in the top and dropped it into the embers of the fire. Once the thin plume of steam expired, it was evidently cooked…

2 comments on “In Search of My Northern Soul 2”

  1. I’ve done that recipe, very tasty! Hope the tour is going well. Look forward to the exhibition 🙂

    1. Thanks, Stuart. I am getting stuck into a wealth of material here 🙂

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